Along with three cardio set-ups throughout the gym, we offer an array of aerobic classes designed to get your blood flowing. Please click here for this month’s Aerobics schedule.

Our premier facility includes:

  • Specialized cardiovascular equipment
  • Aerobics/dance studio
  • True Fitness and Cybex equipment
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi Internet access while getting your cardio in
  • Resistance training
  • Bands, balls, specialized equipment to maximize your cardio workout

Cardio workouts are important for weight loss and overall cardiovascular health. Cardio exercise does not reduce muscle mass but will build your endurance and heighten your muscle definition. Cardio exercise also lowers blood pressure and resting rate while increasing blood flow to muscle thereby feeding the muscle a continuous supply of nutrients.

Helpful Tip: Duration, Intensity, and Frequency are the three factors that impact your fitness goals with cardio exercise. Stop by and speak to one of our Certified Personal Trainers to learn how to maximize your cardio workout.